First race of the season

At last I got out for the first race of the season last night. The wind was very light but I still managed to get the kite up and came a respectable 4th in the handicap fleet. Considering I completely messed the start up being last over the line, made a few mistakes and that I’m pretty new to the boat, I’m happy with that.

I always do a mental post race analysis  and it’s good to know where mistakes were made, plus there are plenty of things I need to practise such as roll tacks, tacking generally, starts and kite handling. There are a few tweaks incoming on the boat too.

I’m really liking the vareo and it having a kite means much more fun even in such light winds, downwind legs are fun too. I can’t wait for the next one and more wind.

Mine is RS Vareo 239

3 thoughts on “First race of the season

  1. Hi Klaus

    Recently bought a secondhand vareo myself a month ago, just braving the main sail and about to try out the kite. Sounds like a light bulb moment when you first used kite. Excited and apprehensive about the first time of using it. Sail in UK in a place called West Kirby, very exposed to the winds off the irish sea, I’m sure I’ll be fine. Always good to hear of similar experiences from others!

    Take care out there



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