Birds in Napa

Last week I attended the VIP workshop in Napa and this time took a camera with some zoom to get some pictures of the local wildlife.

I saw some hummingbirds up close last year and was hoping to get better shots this year. I only saw one hummingbird briefly this year but nevertheless saw a variety of species I hadn’t seen before.

Western Bluebird. This pair lived outside my room and I got to know the male’s routine, he didn’t mind me getting up close at all. Continue reading “Birds in Napa”

RSPB Garden Birdwatch 2016

The Big Garden Birdwatch organised by the RSPB. We had:

  • two or three robins
  • a blackbird
  • a wood pigeon
  • a family of six or seven long tailed tits
  • a number of sparrows
  • two dunnocks
  • a starling
  • two coal tits
  • two blue tits
  • one great tit
  • a crow

I haven’t seen any thrushes for ages, and the chaffinches, greenfinches and goldfinches were missing. We turned the car into a bird hide and felt like real naturalists, speaking in whispers.