I studied at Trinity College of Music in London and hold a Dip T.C.L with classical guitar as primary instrument. My final recital included Bach flute sonata BWV 1034 (1) arranged by Dawid Russell and Britten’s Nocturnal (2).


I did music professionally for a living in the nineties, meaning I worked as a solo recitalist, did ensemble work, taught privately and in schools. I also worked on the UK’s national curriculum for learning guitar and helped put the team in place to continue the work after I emigrated to Germany in 2000.

I like a wide range of music but am a Bach and Beethoven nut and find myself continually coming back to certain works like Bach’s Goldberg variations (3) and Beethoven’s 9th (4). I also grew up playing Django style jazz. These days especially which its vast repertoire, I play more piano particularly as I assist my children with their music learning, and prefer ensemble guitar which is just much easier than solo guitar.

If you are interested in exploring some great classical guitar music listen to:

Solo guitar



(1) listen to it! it’s wonderful

(2) Arguably the best original piece in the repertoire, the Nocturnal is a theme and variations on the song Come Heavy Sleep by John Dowland. The Nocturnal has nine variations, each are restless or nightmare episodes where rest and sleep cannot be found. The piece builds getting more and more disturbed until finally in the last variation, sleep and peace at last come. As you listen, imagine yourself lying in bed twisting and turning, unable to sleep.

(3) Some different interpretations.