RS Vareo 239 – SOLD

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I’m selling RS Vareo 239, a boat I’ve owned since 2017. I changed class in mid-2020, and it’s been on the drive at home unused since then.


The boat is in very good condition and I’ve had quite a bit done to it over the years. All work was professionally done by ‘Chris Somner Yacht and Dinghy Repairs’ in Poole, and a local sailmaker.

  • Mast bridge re-fixed
  • Floor area on both sides where helm sits replaced
  • Port side gunnel repair to fix a previous poor repair
  • Some small patches to both spinnakers
  • Boom replaced two seasons ago

The floor looks and feels like that of a new boat and is 100% stiff. The daggerboard and rudder have lost a bit of paint in places but are straight and fine. The boom is two seasons old and in excellent condition, and the mast rivets are all sound.

It’s also an earlier British made boat, so doesn’t have the structural problems that some of the later Brazilian produced boats are said to have.

Just recently, I’ve replaced the spinnaker halyard, some of the smaller ropes e.g. rudder downhaul, and toe-strap bungee cords. The boat is well set up, good to go and everything works.

The boat comes with

  • Two main sails, one with plenty of life left in it, one ok for training days
  • Two spinnakers, old and new shapes with a nice tapered spinnaker sheet
  • 7m storm sail, pretty much near new condition. Used only a handful of times, great for taking kids out or high wind days
  • Mast float, unused
  • A super light aluminium RS Aero style launch trolley that I commissioned Mersea Trailers to make
  • Blue cover, getting on a bit but still with life in it
  • I am NOT selling a road base.

The aluminium launch trolley is a game-changer and hugely reduces the effort and strength needed to pull the boat around, and up the beach or slipway.

Some more pictures

And videos, more on my youtube channel

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